Group Members

Prof. Junjie Zhao (赵俊杰)

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

College of Chemical & Biological Engineering at Zhejiang University

Dr. Junjie Zhao is an active researcher interested in atomic layer deposition (ALD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), thin film materials, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and polymers. He worked with Prof. Gregory Parsons at NC State University during his Ph.D., and joined Prof. Karen Gleason's group at MIT in 2016. He has published over 20 papers in high impact journals including JACS and Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  His work has been highlighted in ACS C&EN, AIChE CEP, and featured on the covers of Advanced Materials Interfaces, Small and Materials Horizons.  Dr. Junjie Zhao has also served as the reviewer for  Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, ACS Applied Materials & InterfacesCrystal Growth & Design, Cellulose, ACS Omega, Energy & Fuels and Chemical Engineering Journal.  


2016 – 2018    Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Postdoctoral Associate

2011 – 2016    North Carolina State University             Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering  2007 – 2011    Zhejiang University                                B.Eng in Chemical Engineering                                                                                            B.A. in English (Double Degree)

  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad 

  • 2nd Place Oral Presentation in Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium

  • American Vacuum Society (AVS) Thin Film Division Graduate Student Award 

  • NC State University AIF Annual Best Paper Award

  • Chemical and Biological Defense Science & Technology Conference Student Scholarship

Postdoctoral Scholar


Dr. Yujia Li (李雨佳)

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
Dalian University of Technology

Dr. Weilong He (何威龙)

ZJU-Stanford Joint Postdoctoral Scholar

Ph.D. in Chemistry
Zhejiang University 

Graduate Student


Yixin Chen (陈弋心)

Master Student (joined in 2018)

B.S. Dalian University of Technology (大连理工大学)


Mingjun Qiu (邱明君)

Master Student (joined in 2019)

B.S. Sichuan University (四川大学)


Shuchang Yuan (袁舒畅)

Ph.D. Student (joined in 2019)

B.S. Donghua University (东华大学)

Undergraduate Student


Xinyu Luo (罗昕宇)

​Major: Chemical Engineering & Technology 


Class 2020 (2016级)


Yang Li (李杨)

​Major: Chemical Engineering & Technology 


Class 2021 (2017级)